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hey folks, just formally moved my old account here, my personal instance.

This will be basically the same account, probably with more technical rambling about coding Mastodon servers & apps.

If you want an account, sign up! It's currently wide open. Base rules are clearly stated, and if you know me, you know what kind of mod I'll be.

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The boxes were taped shut when I was handed them.

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food mention & photo 

Don'tcha just hate it when you're waiting for your ride to show up and someone parks in front of you (I'm waiting outside a convenience store), asks if you want pizza, then just straight hands you like two pies worth of pizza? 🙀🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

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Live your life like you're being silently judged 12 hours a day by an evangelical Black woman.

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Ya girl out here with the latest drop*

* aka "I ordered a thing and it recently arrived"

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"By “abolish the police,” I mean building a world where we do not rely on anti-Black, white supremacist institutions of order to regulate society." --Jenn Jackson


Keeping it simple, white on black.

High quality black on white vinyl screenprinted stickers, priced to sell in quantity (5/10/20) to abolitionists, vandals and antifascist neighborhood defenders. Free shipping.

Original design by Municipal Adhesives.
Purchase here:

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Oh, and if you don't live beyond your means, you're also punished, because you can't access those things (unless you're loaded) and don't have a credit score to speak of.

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If you like REAL hip hop that GOES HARD about LIFE IN THESE STREETS, you need to check out The Northern Boys.

For a bunch of old wankers, they're somehow a breath of fresh air.

(CW for the video: explicit sex & drugs references throughout, also lots of old white men... I'm charitably going to call it "dancing"?)

How is it even legal to sell Blu-Rays with no captioning? Even if it's a concert, it's not like deaf/HoH people don't enjoy music and just maybe it'd be neat to read the lyrics along with the singer?

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speedrunner doesn't think girlfriend's tool-assissted orgasm was valid

This isn't too matchy-matchy, is it? 😸💅🏻🌬️

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aunt trixie's guide to leftists:

if they are telling you there's a meaningful way to do leftism that will 100% guaranteed never include any sort of violent struggle, they're a fed

if they are telling you that revolution can be achieved here on earth today right now, and you can be the one to do it, you just gotta call my money guy and my bombs guy, they're a fed

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do you think the queen elizabeth ii had girl power? do you think she effectively utilized girl power to rule over a brutal colonial empire?

This had better not be some kind of King Ralph situation...

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CLIENT: We are pleased to announce the completion of our long transition to 100% encrypted services.

ME: Oh, thank God

CLIENT: For your records, a copy of our private key is attached to this email

This is disgusting, this is a travesty. I can't believe you could only get five people to do this at once.

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