hey folks, just formally moved my old account here, my personal instance.

This will be basically the same account, probably with more technical rambling about coding Mastodon servers & apps.

If you want an account, sign up! It's currently wide open. Base rules are clearly stated, and if you know me, you know what kind of mod I'll be.

· · Web · 1 · 0 · 3 For anyone seeing this who doesn't know me personally (or at least as personally as "gotten to know via social media" counts for), the base rules are the base rules.

Any modifications to them will be communicated as far in advance and as clearly explained as I can manage.

I am a disabled 40+ year old queer kinky trans woman in a married relationship with my wife (@beetiger) and her other spouse, B. I am not perfect, but promise to do the best I can. Things that should go without saying (an incomplete list):

* fuck Nazis
* All Cops Are Bastards
* trans people are people
* queer people are people
* sex work is work
* unrestrained capitalism will be the death of us all
* my Luxury Gay Communism will be in space and will be intersectional or it will be worthless
* make billionaires illegal
* software should be free as in beer and free as in speech
* transparency and honesty wherever possible

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