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Don'tcha just hate it when you're waiting for your ride to show up and someone parks in front of you (I'm waiting outside a convenience store), asks if you want pizza, then just straight hands you like two pies worth of pizza? 🙀🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

selfie, eye contact, IRL shitpost 

Ya girl out here with the latest drop*

* aka "I ordered a thing and it recently arrived"

This isn't too matchy-matchy, is it? 😸💅🏻🌬️

This had better not be some kind of King Ralph situation...

bitching about job hunting in tech 

PS: The recruiter mentioned that this position has been open for a long time, because they're having trouble finding the right match.

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Well, fuck. I guess making it 2.5 years in a global pandemic without actually catching the fucking is pretty good... but I am still not a fan of having caught COVID.

Selfies, eye contact 

Ya girl's out here with the Applebee's Wing Sauce Lip Gloss! The orange one is Buffalo, the red is more of a Sriracha. They both smell & taste like their food counterparts. @beetiger could smell the peppers on me from FEET away. 😹

Me: *puttering along happily, configuring Windows Subsystem for Linux and generally setting up a dev environment to her preferences*

🧠: "Is this the year of Linux on the desktop?!"

This, 100% unironically. Social media is one of the single best tools humanity has ever created to allow people the space to explore what identity means to them, and I fully & strongly believe that discovering one's own identity is the most important thing one can do with one's life.

Just republished the current serverwide announcement, because I noticed a typo in the existing one. Oops.

Picture of my arm where the IV was on Friday 

Yes, it's still sore. 😿

Anyone else playing "Stray"? 😻

Unsurprisingly, I think it's pretty great. 😹

I'm also furry (specifically: cat, black shorthair domestic, generally non-anthro presentation). kinky (you are out of your damn mind if you think I'm getting THAT into stuff on a fully public venue), and generally a WORLD-CLASS GIGANTIC FUCKING NERRRRRRRRD

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I spent years working in Ren Faires that spanned King Arthur, Robin Hood, pirates... obviously the annual Haunted Halloween gigs at Hammond Castle.

Speaking of which, if any of my Pastimes fam are bouncing around out there and see this? You KNOW you've got a free lifetime account on me, babies. <3

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Untitled Fedi Server Project

Welcome to LeDiva's Untitled Fedi Server Project (UFSP)! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️