A feature of @Mastodon I absolutely do not see pitched as a (if not THE) major talking point as to why the fediverse is better than birbsite...

Delete & re-draft.

Who the fuck needs an edit button when you have "Delete & re-draft"?!

I just added ElasticSearch to the server. If you know what that means already, good for you.

If you don't... basically, this server now offers full text search of all its contents (respecting whatever access controls have been set up).

Just republished the current serverwide announcement, because I noticed a typo in the existing one. Oops.

Good news, everybody! After waking up from some much needed rest, I reread some of what I posted yesterday and while I definitely could stand to work on how often I drop profanity when I get really excited, I continue to stand by everything I said.

Whether you need a place online for a chill hang, a safe space to figure out who you are, an anonymous place to securely access (to pick totally random examples 🙄) medication abortion or HRT or whatever...

You are welcome here. 😻

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Reminder of the rules here, in their maximum formal most flowery fancy calligraphied letters:

1) Don't be a dick.
2) Be excellent to each other.

That's it, that's all she wrote. Obey those (in the judgment of Admin, who is Never Wrong*, because she is a cat 😸) and we'll all have the best time here.

And fuckin THAT is what UFSP is all about.

* Admin, even in Her Feline Perfection 👑, is still only human. UFSP SLOs for everything at this time? Admin best effort.

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Everything I say here I mean 100% sincerely. I can not emphasize that enough.

So please keep that in mind when I say... I also promise to use for highlighting/promoting whatever the fuck I think is worthy to be promoted on here. (Please keep in mind here previous comments I've made regarding general community cohesion & how much developing a unique and awesome and uniquely awesome culture here is important to me)

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Remember, I promise to only use for important announcements like this one, wherein I announce how I will be making important announcements.

I like the thing I've seen else-fedi where people only refer to The Website Found At Twitter.com as "birdsite" or some similar derivative. I'm probably going to keep doing it, personally.

Anyone want to make this a UFSP "thing"? I'm very invested in this server being an intentional community, and one of the best ways to build culture is stupid* inside jokes/references.

* I do not use "stupid" here (or generally anywhere) with a derogatory meaning.

What say you, UFSP-ers? (OK, the temp community name also needs work. Let's agree to come back to that.)

Which would _you_ rather have if you right-click to copy a URL from a search engine result page?

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Has being Admin already gone to @LeDiva's head?

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Pending a better official name, I think I'm going to refer to this server as UFSP (Untitled Fedi Server Project).


Medium-term plans include switching this instance over to some wacky custom fork of @Mastodon which I'll be futzing with myself as a personal coding project.

If that goes well, and I continue to feel similarly inspired by this project, I'm hoping to code a custom Mastodon Android app that would feed together public fedi & Twitter feeds.

Regarding suggestions: I'm planning to poke at any federation configs to ensure people's safety & comfort as best I can. For now, I'm leaving it open, but if there are particular instances I should watch out for, let me know.

And generally, I'm planning on doing my own personal due diligence.

I'm setting what I believe to be reasonable defaults as I go through things. If any of my users have particular suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them.

Examples: toots now self-delete by default after 6 months, but there is functionally unlimited leeway (for now) on how they can be kept around if desired, based on favs, retoots, etc.

Untitled Fedi Server Project

Welcome to LeDiva's Untitled Fedi Server Project (UFSP)! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️