@georgespolitzer I'm genuinely interested in some of the things happening around non-alcoholic mocktails, but yeah, I prefer my booze to get me drunk too.

@georgespolitzer 50/50. I was making a joke, but I was also thinking "dry wine" was some sort of new non-alcoholic "wine" for people who don't want alcohol.

I'm also high rn, but I don't see what that's got to do with it. (🎶 got to do with it 🎶)

@georgespolitzer If you have another container available to transfer it to, do you have anything that could push the cork fully into the bottle?

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The boxes were taped shut when I was handed them.

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Don'tcha just hate it when you're waiting for your ride to show up and someone parks in front of you (I'm waiting outside a convenience store), asks if you want pizza, then just straight hands you like two pies worth of pizza? 🙀🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

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@kaia It's a neat design in theory, but let's see how it works once the rubber meets the road.

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Live your life like you're being silently judged 12 hours a day by an evangelical Black woman.

@bluknight Yow! I was never that hardcore, but I absolutely respect the work that went in to that.

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Ya girl out here with the latest drop*

* aka "I ordered a thing and it recently arrived"

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"By “abolish the police,” I mean building a world where we do not rely on anti-Black, white supremacist institutions of order to regulate society." --Jenn Jackson


Keeping it simple, white on black.

High quality black on white vinyl screenprinted stickers, priced to sell in quantity (5/10/20) to abolitionists, vandals and antifascist neighborhood defenders. Free shipping.

Original design by Municipal Adhesives.
Purchase here: etsy.com/listing/1197808107/ab

@dolari So to be clear, it's 100% unrelated to the CGI cartoon?

@ancient_domains_of_word America's middle class can have little a life-crushing debt, as a treat

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Oh, and if you don't live beyond your means, you're also punished, because you can't access those things (unless you're loaded) and don't have a credit score to speak of.

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@dolari It looks like it's not even the bizarre sort of sequel series that is/was on Netflix? The Guardian Code or something?

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