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transgender transforming robot pride flag (mural seen in sydney, Australia)

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The Taylor Hawkins tribute concert is must-see viewing if your musical tastes are anything like mine. It feels like such a huge watershed moment for we Gen Xers.

It's currently live-streaming on Paramount+ (in the US, I know fuckall about international rights sorry), and should be available on-demand tomorrow.

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It’s bandcamp friday! Today is a good day to support independent musicians, when Bandcamp waives their cut of the payment. (So this is the one day that you also wouldn’t be supporting Epic Games by buying music there.)

I have bunches of music at in a variety of genres, including rock, lo-fi, electronic, and even some neoclassical. So, poke around, or better yet, buy my full discography. :)

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"so what's the ad"
"a man has no passions stoked in a year except for the single day we celebrate a streaming anniversary and make a few announcements."
"that sounds miserable, run the ad"


What's left to burn after you've already torched the ashes?

Also, can we get over the endless fucking articles and thinkpieces about "resilience" and "combating burnout" and just get to something that makes a difference like dismantling capitalism?

*painstakingly typing in a long Amazon S3 URL to download a rar of some software that's supposed to "configure the key maps and inside Macro" of a new keyboard*

Me: yeah this seems legit

Maybe she's born with it

Maybe she's been secretly obsessing over it for years out of deep insecurity, ensuring that what seems externally effortless is actually the result of incredible amounts of mental effort


"Good manners have never been [MAGA Republicans'] problem."

Damn, Joe almost sounds like he actually gives a shit about this, he's calling them out on MANNERS!

Who wants some good news? American support for unions is up to 71%, its highest level since 19-frickin-SIXTY-FIVE.

My Lyft driver is playing Christian music (and otherwise seems like your standard Basic White Lady). If I were to "accidentally" play something at full blast on my phone for like 15 seconds, what should it be?

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lmao cloudflare has created carbon credits for hate speech

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I cannot express how depressing it is to me that the TSA still exists, frozen in form and purpose as if it will be 2002 forever

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Hey y'all! As some of you know, I'm running for alderman in my home town of Bartlett, TN.

When elected I will be the first progressive alderman in the history of the city and will be uniquely positioned to make changes for the better.

If you want to know what I'm about, check out

I do need money to run this campaign, so if you can contribute anything at all if would be greatly appreciated.

Ugh, I know I've had this question answered before, but I can't remember any of the identifying details.

Way before crowdfunding was common, there was this scifi series that involved (IIRC) discovering there's been a secret Russian moon base for decades. I keep thinking it's called something like "Capricorn One", but that's a 1970s scifi movie.

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